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BiggerHit's accomplished PHP developers possess hands-on experience in designing and developing scalable, reliable, rich-functionality web applications for both startups and established businesses

Our PHP development team boasts extensive knowledge of PHP frameworks, proficiency working with MVC design pattern and profound understanding of web application architectures.


BiggerHits provides full-cycle development of cross-platform high-performance applications — from consulting to product development, integration and continuous support.

BiggerHits C++ developers have years of experience in developing cross-platform applications using Qt, vxWidgets, GTK+ and other toolsets.

Given C++ allows building high performance applications (HPAs), our c++ developers create object-oriented software that is highly efficient both in time, infrastructure capacity and investments.


Our Java team helps deliver solutions for a wide range of industries: ecommerce, automotive, telecommunications, finance & accounting, media & entertainment, healthcare and others.

BiggerHits offers full-cycle Java development services. We build reliable, scalable and secure applications that meet the most sophisticated business requirements.

Our Java Experts have strong technological skills that cover a great number of application servers, frameworks, databases, libraries, components and technologies.


At BiggerHits we are proud of the in-depth knowledge, proficiency, technical standards, and talent of our .NET development teams and we can provide our clients with products and solutions that give them a competitive edge in today's marketplace.

We do understand how important it is to deliver project on time, within budget, and with the highest levels of cost-effectiveness, quality and performance.

Our specialists covers all stages of modern .NET development - from scoping, specification and design to development, testing, and implementation.


BiggerHits offers extensive hands-on experience in development of incredibly feature-laden mobile applications for iOS & Android, as well as HTML5 based mobile websites, helping businesses to make that pivotal shift from web to mobile.


Most development studios help build your android app. But how many can manage, scale and support your application post-delivery? The reality is that, there is hardly any development studio that has specialized knowledge or expertise in cloud hosting and infra service.

Objective C

BiggerHits is actively engaged in supporting native iOS application development for all iPhones and iPads, working closely with our customers to identify areas where they can provide new capabilities and efficiencies or enhance their existing web-based processes

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