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Mobile Development

Mobile Developent

Get the control of your business on the back of your hand.

Need a Mobile App for your business?

Today's workforce can be found anywhere and everywhere. How can you deliver the mobile apps your employees need while protecting company information and minimizing IT overhead?

What do we offer?

Mobile Strategy

We bring unparalleled mobile-strategy expertise to the table to drive engagement programs for the world’s top enterprise and consumer-facing companies.

Mobile User Experience (UX)

Great user experience (UX) design lies at the heart of great apps that keep people coming back. We believe that superior applications are simple by nature, yet elegant and functional.

Security & Compliance

At SUG we understand mobile from end to end — from the app itself, to the IT infrastructure that serves and protects your critical business information.

Native App Development

We believe the best mobile experiences are handcrafted from the ground up. When we build for iOS, we optimize our apps for the iOS paradigm. When we build for Android, we make full use of Android's functionality.


We don't build apps in a vacuum. We engage customers early in the process using market analysis & research. Better to measure twice and cut once, right?

Marketing your app is both an art and a science. However, there is a system used that enables the app to maximize exposure.

View our games / app library for iphone on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/brian-tines/id722551838

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