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Who We Are


BIGGERHITS was founded in 1997 by Brian Tines and Alfredo Campana, combined almost 25 years of experience in assisting organizations throughout the world with their IT software needs. We specialize in helping our clients to connect with their customers through digital marketing and software solutions.

Our knowledge comes from diverse professional backgrounds that include software engineers, Web Application developers, App Developers, Red-hat administrators, CMS Coders, Marketing Analyst, sales and support.

Our philosophy is to connect perfectly with our clients in order to provide effective, efficient and collaborative solutions for success. Our mission is your success.

Our end-to-end gamut of services include everything a product needs from an idea to its fruition. From design, development, mobile application to internet marketing, we have years of expertise which we love to share.


This is our working process flow.

This phase includes:
  • Development of an initial list of requirements.
  • Estimation of the effort and resources needed.
  • Assessment of the risk involved in developing product backlog items.
This phase is performed in iterations, each iteration (Sprint) consists of:
  • Planning: Our development team determines a Sprint Backlog, which is a list of tasks ordered according its priority, to be performed during the sprint in order to meet the sprint goal.
  • Development: Analysis,design, and implementation of the requirements set in the sprint goal through performing the tasks detailed in the sprint backlog, all in the 30-day time frame set by the sprint.
  • Review: At this point the increment produced is demonstrated to all the parties concerned. If our client has other requirements, these can be added at this point. As we mentioned before we work hand in hand with you, our clients.
At this point we continue with the integration of all modules produced previously. Next we start the preparation of user documentation and then we train the users and operator of the system. Finally we give the user a packaged, fully documented and successfully tested system.
Once our client has accepted this product we can start a new process of Maintenance.
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